Collection: Handmade in America

In this collection you find only HANDMADE and ARTIST-MADE STUFF. All the stuff in this collection is made by hand, in the United States.

When we started our store, we primarily represented artists and makers in our immediate area and offered only handmade goods. Over the years, our store has evolved and grown. Artists moved and told other artists about us. Makers grew their businesses into larger businesses. Some of our artists were able to license their designs. And, so on. Today, our store is a mix of gifts, home decor, and fine art created by artists, mom-and-pop makers, small batch companies, international artists and makers, and even a handful of larger companies that sell licensed goods and are committed to our same values for how, where, and who makes stuff for them.

Our store is still mostly stocked with handmade, artist-made, one-of-a-kind works that validate the core of our mission and our commitment to supporting artists and creators.