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Ceramic Wall Art - Orchid - Purple

Ceramic Wall Art - Orchid - Purple

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These ceramic sculptures are made by hand by an accomplished Kansas City artist. The hand-formed and carved flower has a slightly bowl-shaped design that enhances the gentle look of the petals. The artist hand forms and carves a footed disc to the back to allow it to hang or sit as a centerpiece on a table or riser. The center of each piece features a 3-demensional column (which is what the center of an orchid is called).

These one-of-a-kind works are all artist-made organic sculptures that celebrate the beauty of the natural world.

  • Glazed and kiln-fired ceramic - NOT painted!
  • Footed disc for hanging or sitting
  • Approximately 7" to 8" in diameter
  • Approximately 2" deep
  • Each flower is an handmade original
  • Made in Kansas City

PLEASE NOTE: Each flower is unique. Please let us choose one for you. The photos shown are a selection of possible flowers you could receive. Each flower will differ slightly. It is part of what makes them special.

We keep multiple pieces in our store, so you can create a "bouquet" of wall flowers. Join us in our physical store if you would like a personalized arrangement. Please know each piece is unique. Just like in nature, no two flowers are exactly alike. There are many variations of flowers available on our online store. Various colors, several sizes, and many styles!

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