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Necklace - Handknotted Baroque 15mm Pearls - 32"

Necklace - Handknotted Baroque 15mm Pearls - 32"

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Pearls, pearls, pearls! A timeless classic with an updated design. This gorgeous collection of hand-knotted pearls are made in modern lengths, using more interesting pearls that break "the rules" for "perfect" pearls.

In her work, the artist uses all natural pearls. Her pearl choices are surprising and interesting. She has an incredible eye for the unexpected and a passion for finding the most unique pearls in the world. Her choice to take the time and attention to hand-knot many of her pieces honors the individuality of each bead and element of her work. Her work is also known for being organic and natural.

This piece is a true one-of-a-kind necklace. This piece is hand-strung with sterling silver clasp and findings.
  • 32" Necklace
  • Features 60 individually threaded 15mm pearls
  • Sterling silver clasp and findings
  • Hand-strung and hand-knotted
  • Made in Kansas City
  • This is the only one!

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