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Hand Cleanse: 66% Alcohol 12 oz

Hand Cleanse: 66% Alcohol 12 oz

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LARGE - 12 OZ!

Mandarin & Musk Lightly Scented Hand Cleanse

Our Hand Cleanse smells amazing. No antiseptic smell!

Small batch, hand-crafted Hand Cleanse made with 66% ETHYL ALCOHOL means it sanitizes your hands and effectively kills most germs. Our Hand Cleanse is blended with ALOE and SWEET ALMOND OIL to reduce the damage to your skin. It leaves aloe and sweet almond oil - mixed with a touch of scent - on your skin to keep your hands from cracking and pealing.

We recommend following application of our Hand Cleanse with one of our hand lotions to soften and moisturize even more.

  •     12 oz.
  •     Spray top with cap.
  •     Cruelty-free. Not tested on animals.
  •     Made by a small business in our hometown.
  •     Sold by our small business.
  •     #supportsmallbusiness
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