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Bowl - Collector's Series - Papa Noel (Brown) - Ceramic - 6"

Bowl - Collector's Series - Papa Noel (Brown) - Ceramic - 6"

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This is from the Collectors Series by Glitterville. These pieces become family heirlooms and cherished keepsakes. We offer Papa Noel in many skin tones to represent Santa is many cultures. Collect them all...

Papa Noel, Santa, Saint Nicholas... However you refer to him, he seems to be smiing about something important. Could it be whatever yummy goodness or fun gift he's carrying for you?

Made from ceramic, this 6" is a great choice of gift (to yourself or others) that will be cherished around the holidays for years to come.

  • Ceramic
  • Food Safe
  • Handwash - to protect the gold glaze touches
  • Approximatly 6"

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