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Coaster - Blue Gingham - Melamine

Coaster - Blue Gingham - Melamine

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Our faux paper plate collection is actually melamine!

These melamine coasters are bright, cheerful, and feature classic blue gingham. They even have a nifty no-slip, no-sweat ring on the bottom. Brilliant.

For a dinner party, an afternoon snack,
or maybe a picnic with food you pack!
Don't let it be fine china you lack,
Just grab a disc from this citrus stack!
They look like paper, but will last forever,
Fun to use and very clever!

These 4" coasters were made in the style of the ever-familiar paper plate. You won't find them getting soggy and slumpy, though! Made from sturdy melamine, they can withstand a sweating glass - and the toughest of tumbles.

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