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Earrings - Enamel Originals - Ghosts

Earrings - Enamel Originals - Ghosts

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Our collection of enamel-on-copper earrings is playful, beautiful, and unexpected. This New Mexico artist is quite accomplished. Enameling takes creativity, detail, and focus. We believe our pieces have an attention to detail and finish quality you don't always find with enamel work. Additionally, all of her pieces are enamel-finished on the back. (This eliminates patina marks on your skin, creates a more polished look, and reduces corrosion.)

The earwires are nickle-free. Every piece is handmade and made individually. "Matching" designs will vary and have unique differences.

  • Kiln Fired Enamel on Copper
  • Finished on both sides
  • Handmade in New Mexico
  • Nickle-free (irritation-free) earwires
  • Each piece is unique

Please let us pick a one-of-a-kind original for you. If you would like to leave us a note about your earring choice(s), please use the button on the bottom left of your shopping cart.
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