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Gift Certificate for our Kansas City Store (not for our online store)

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Gift the experience of shopping at our store in Kansas City. These certificates are for in-person shopping at our flagship store. Select an amount and we will mail you an actual paper certificate that is good for one full year. Our store is celebrated for our shopping experience and outstanding customer service. This gift will be very well received.

The STUFF Sisters have created a truly special place. When they started, they offered only locally-made artist goods. Now they offer collections of handcraft from not only their region but from all over the nation and our world. a store named STUFF invites you with open arms to come and experience what it feels like to be in a place that celebrates people, not product. The store is still run by sisters who are there almost every day to ensure your time in their store is fun, exciting, and inspiring. They curate every item and create the most unexpected displays that make you feel the magic of art. The store evolves constantly and every time you visit you will discover something new.