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Necklace - Faceted Polished Carnelian on Woven Fiber

Necklace - Faceted Polished Carnelian on Woven Fiber

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This statement piece is artistic, unexpected, and intricate; yet rugged and natural.

This accomplished Kansas artist's work is known for being organic, natural, and has a rough-hewn look and feel. This piece is a departure from her traditional handiwork, characterized by leather and hand-struck sterling silver. She creates her sterling, gold, brass, and copper pieces from scratch. That means she smelts,a pours, forms, and decorates each piece of metal herself. Each piece starts with the metal in its liquid form. The process can be laborsome, but it results in a pure metal that is strikingly rugged, pure, and authentic.

  • 22" Necklace
  • 1/2" faceted carnelian centerpiece with polished finish
  • Handmade by a regional artist
  • This is the only one
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