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Necklace - "Desert Pearls" on Leather with Sterling Silver

Necklace - "Desert Pearls" on Leather with Sterling Silver

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The design of these handmade hollow sterling silver beads are often found in Native American jewelry pieces. Since their original design, other artists have gone on to make these labor intensive hollow sterling beads. They are a labor of love.

When handmade by Native American Navajo artists they are commonly know as "Navajo Pearls".

Today, these beads are referred to as "Desert Pearls". Artists express their own style through unique stamping and finishing on these beautiful and timeless creations. Through time, new materials such as silver and copper were introduced by the Europeans, and artists began to include these materials in their creations.

This artist who created these unique pieces collects beads from all over the world. She uses vintage and antique beads in her work. The "Desert Pearls" featured in these necklaces were aquired from her network of bead collectors. They are not attributed to a named artist. They are beads from older jewelry pieces that did not stay intact in their journey.

Our artist's work is characterized by unexpected combinations and unique designs. Her work is known for being organic, natural, and has a rough-hewn look and feel. These necklaces feature hand-knotted vintage "Desert Pearls" on leather with sterling findings.

  • 34" necklace
  • Hollow, pearl-similar Navajo beads
  • Sterling silver clasps and findings
  • Cowhide cording
  • Handmade by a regional artist
  • Each piece is a one-of-kind
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