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Sculpture - Large Pirate - Reclaimed Metal

Sculpture - Large Pirate - Reclaimed Metal

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Arrrrrr-n't you going to give this guy a new home?

Our large metal pirate sculpture, of course, includes the parrot! Introduce your latest decorating craze to your neighbors, guests, passers-by, and pets. This monster just gets better with age, wear, and tear! This makes them perfect decoration, both indoor or outdoor.

Proudly handmade in the USA, these pieces are welded and formed from reclaimed metal junk produced all over the world. The nature of junk means...each is a little different!

  • Pirate monster with peg leg, scimitar, and parrot
  • Each sculpture will be 26" to 30" tall and 18" to 24" wide
  • Some rust should be expected. (see note below)
  • Reclaimed metal
  • Made in the USA

Please note these sculptures are designed to purposely rust when outdoors. If you want to slow the rusting process, simply spray with a clear, UV-protective paint.
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