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Post Earrings - Goldfill & Reclaimed Glass - Periwinkle

Post Earrings - Goldfill & Reclaimed Glass - Periwinkle

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These earrings feature reclaimed glass from bottles. The bottles are cut and kiln-fired to create unique mosaic glass pieces. Each piece in this collection is handmade in the artist's studio.

To paraphrase the artist:

"Creating art from empty bottles is the ultimate alchemy and combines my love of ecology with my love of art, fashion, and architecture. I love finding beauty in the unexpected and breaking what others call "rules." The entire process, from dumpster diving to styling the perfect piece of jewelry for a night out on the town, is part of my art.

"I like to create things that are easy to wear, simple and beautiful, and when people realize I made their jewelry from empty beer, sake, or Coca-Cola bottles, they can't believe it. I love keeping a bottle in its original shape, color, and size but transforming it so radically that people are stunned by its beauty."

Everything is made by hand in the artist's Atlanta, GA, studio. She doesn't drink it (all) herself. The bottles are collected from local bars, restaurants, friends, and dumpsters to make your beautiful jewelry.

  • Reclaimed bottle glass
  • Goldfill earrings and posts

Each set of earrings is a one-of-a-kind original. Please let us pick a unique set for you within the color selection you've made! If you would like to send a note about your choice, please feel free to send us note when you check out.


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