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Puzzle - Daphnis - 1000pc

Puzzle - Daphnis - 1000pc

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Puzzle for good! Proceeds from this puzzle benefit a charity!

Stephanie Law is an American painter and illustrator. Growing up in California, Law has built a basis from the natural inspiration around her, bringing the chaos and beauty found in nature’s growth into her artwork, learning how to work with organic textures and patterns. Law also integrates her experience as a dancer, fusing the natural movements of the human body to bring life to every aspect of her paintings. Interweaving, watercolor, ink, and metallic leaf, Law creates intricate layered pieces that display a blend of organic patterns and familiar archetypes.

Law’s paintings aim to pose a question on the nature of perception and beauty, and Law explores this question with the “ephemeral guides and strange creatures” that populate her work.

More information about the artist is available on the box.

  • Illustration by Stephanie Law
  • 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle
  • 19" x 26.5" finished puzzle size
  • Includes re-sealable bag for pieces, stand for box top, and high-quality art print
  • "Velvet Touch" finish for a glare-free puzzle experience!
  • Recommended for ages 12+
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