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We started our brick-and-mortar shop in 1996. Our store location is a unique shopping experience and gives us the opportunity to connect directly with our customers.
We added a webstore during the pandemic, to reach our supporters when our store had to be shuttered for months. It became popular with our long-distance and local shoppers alike. So, we kept it going!
Today, our webstore continues to features a generous selection of what you will find at our store location. But it does not show everything we offer in our physical shop. It simply isn't possible to keep up with the flow of creative works we sell daily.
Our brick-and-mortar is still our creative lab and is worth the trip. No doubt about it! And, we love it when you walk through our doors.
We also love our online shoppers. When you order online...we literally go grab it in our shop. The same team is helping you. There isn't a fulfillment center somewhere. You are shopping directly from our shelves, cases, and walls.
We hope you will visit our store when possible. But, please know, we are grateful for our online shoppers. You help support this small, family-owned business with every purchase, and we are thankful.
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The STUFF Sisters - Casey Simmons and Sloane Simmons - are the creative force behinda store named STUFF. This small business has grown since they first propped the door open. But, if you ask the sisters how they feel about getting bigger over the years, they answer, "We don’t think about bigger, we focus on 'people not product'. Being better every year is our goal."

A STORE NAMED STUFF is an artistic lifestyle store. The STUFF Sisters represent fine artists, handmade creators, and small batch makers and creators. They sell work by local, regional, national, and international artists. Continued...

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