Our Story

The STUFF Sisters - Casey Simmons and Sloane Simmons - are the creative force behind A STORE NAMED STUFF. This small business has grown since they first propped the door open. But, if you ask the sisters how they feel about getting bigger over the years, they answer, "We don’t think about bigger, we focus on 'people not product'. Being better every year is our goal."

A STORE NAMED STUFF is an artistic lifestyle store. The STUFF Sisters represent fine artists, handmade creators, and small batch makers and creators. They sell work by local, regional, national, and international artists. They have a jury process to select makers that create one-of-a-kind, handmade, original, unique, inspirational, clever, artistic, innovative, eclectic, and witty art to satisfy collectible, decorative, and functional needs.

Casey and Sloane

Since A STORE NAMED STUFF began in the late 1990s, it has grown into one of the most well-known and respected businesses in the handmade gallery industry. The store now offers work from over 300 artistic sources. The sisters initially insisted on not being called a "gallery". At that time the term "art gallery" didn't fit. Yes, they represented fine artists and fine crafters from the region and beyond. But they weren't "stuffy" - pun intended. They aimed to be accessible, approachable, open to all, energetic, friendly, open-minded, hip, current, and fashionable, and they wanted to create a space of everyone. Now, the term "gallery" conjures many ideas. They have finally adopted their rightful place as a gallery.

One of the most notable parts of this small but well-loved family business is their commitment to the community. They have an expansive program that supports local charities, schools, and not-for-profit organizations. Sloane Simmons and Casey Simmons both serve on community organization boards of directors and have committed time, expertise, and money to over a hundred charities.

They have grown to be an award-winning business - proud to have been nominated for eight consecutive years as being one of the top galleries and stores in America that feature Fine American Craft and honored as one of Kansas City's Top 25 Small Businesses. Their awards include ethics in business awards and other notable recognitions.

Today, Kansas City - like most cities in the United States - is filled with the new generation of art galleries. A STORE NAMED STUFF has most definitely evolved, too. But the sisters' roots, their mission, and their vision have remained the same - to make art accessible to anyone and everyone, every day.

So...is A STORE NAMED STUFF an "art gallery?" Damned skippy it is! It is a store, an experience, a family of artists, a team of great staff, a local boutique, a destination shop, a hangout, and a place online to find the stuff that makes your home, life, and gift giving memorable.

Open 5 days a week in Kansas City. Open 365 days a year online. This is the stuff that dreams are made of.

And, always...