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Bracelet - Flat Roller Coaster in Sterling - Bangle

Bracelet - Flat Roller Coaster in Sterling - Bangle

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Life is a Roller Coaster. This piece was inspired by 2020: The year we were all reminded that life can be quite a ride indeed. Casey - one of The Stuff Sisters - wears her roller coaster bracelet almost every day. It reminds her of both a roller coaster and the ocean's waves: The thrill of the swells and the nervous excitement of the unknown. Ride the waves. Ride the roller coaster. But, always remember that the ride ends with a gentle stop or with the waters becoming smooth once again.

This artist's handiwork is characterized by hand-struck sterling silver. Her work is known for being organic and natural, and it has a rough-hewn look and feel. This accomplished Kansas artist creates her sterling, gold, brass, and copper pieces from scratch. That means she smelts, pours, forms, and decorates each piece of metal herself. Each piece starts with the metal in its liquid form. The process can be laborsome, but it results in a pure metal that is strikingly rugged, pure, and authentic.

  • Solid sterling silver
  • Hand-shaped by the artist
  • Organic shape and movement
  • Handmade by a regional artist

How you size yourself for a bangle? See the photo in the gallery for this bracelet and follow the instructions. Step #1: Make a fist and measure between your furthest knuckles...and so on...

The roller coaster theme is also available in cuffs, earrings, rings, and necklaces. If you'd like one of these, search "roller coaster" online or come in to see us!

All of these pieces feature unique strikemarks. You can also find the artist's mark and the "925" sterling silver guarantee stamp on each.
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