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The Gladys Bangle - Handmade Sterling Silver

The Gladys Bangle - Handmade Sterling Silver

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The story behind the Gladys Bangle:

Years ago, after a family tragedy, The STUFF Sisters were sitting in their kitchen with family and close friends. The artist was with them. The sisters' grandmother was standing nearby. Someone said, "What are we going to do now?" Grandma Gladys said, "Sometimes when you are at the end of your rope, all you can do is tie a knot and hang on until it gets better."

Many years later, tough times struck again and the artist made her first Gladys bangle to gift to one of the STUFF sisters. She seldom takes it off.

Since then, with the blessing of the Simmons family, Gladys bangles have been made for anyone and everyone that needs one. We invite you to gift them and wear one to help you and your loved ones through challenging times.

  •     Kansas City-based artist
  •     Sterling Silver
  •     Handmade To Order
  •     Sizing: Please look at the photos with this product to learn how to size your custom bangle.
Every bangle will come with a little note explaining the meaning. (Shown in photos.)

The Gladys Bangle is exclusively available at a store named STUFF.
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