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Candle - Sicilian Fig - 3 Wick

Candle - Sicilian Fig - 3 Wick

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When you want to punch your scented environment to the next level.

This candle will knock you out with the power of it's scent. Actively burning three wicks, liquifying a 4.5 inch surface of wax. It has an impressive 80 HOUR burn time! And, it made with a pure, high quality soy. It is poured in glass, because a true, pure soy candle has to be burned in a vessel. There is no substitute for the clean burning quality of a soy candle.

Our Kansas City, small batch, handmade home scent products offer the highest quality ingredients at a reasonable price. Your home will smell amazing. Made with 100% renewable soy wax. Featuring luxurious, high quality pure fragrance oils to create mood and offer an outstanding scent experience.

Sicilian Fig: Luscious fig scent. Woody and green notes.

Many scents are available. This product is handmade in small batches. Please check our website for other scents.

  • 16 oz Soy Candle in Glass
  • Clean Burning
  • Hand-poured
  • High quality pure fragrance oils.
  • Burn Time Approximately 80 hours.

REUSE TIP! Warm your used candle dish in the microwave for a few seconds, pour remaining wax on a paper towel (then toss it), soak your empty glass in a bit of vinegar water overnight, then wash them in the dishwasher. You now have a crystal clear bowl. These are handy around the home and office. They also make a great candy dish to gift a friend full of their favorite sweet.

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