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Cuff Bracelet - "Fierce...Me Too" - Sterling

Cuff Bracelet - "Fierce...Me Too" - Sterling

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Fierce. Me too.

This bracelet features the word "Fierce" on the outside. On the inside it reads, "me too". It is about owning our bodies and honoring our boundaries. It is about sharing the collective emotions around the unique challenges of being a woman in this world. This piece celebrates becoming fiercer every day.

This delicately narrow (but study), sterling, handmade cuff bracelet looks great as a stand-alone piece or mixed with other bracelets. These pieces are handmade in Colorado by a silversmith and bead artist. Her work is detailed and tends to be delicate and elegant in size, but made from rugged materials. A lovely combination that speaks to her artistic vision.

  • Sterling silver.
  • Handmade by an artist in Colorado, USA.
  • 6" end-to-end.
  • See photos for size details.
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