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Dryer Balls - Set of 3 - Includes Fragrance Oil

Dryer Balls - Set of 3 - Includes Fragrance Oil

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Environmentally friendly and super easy to use. Join the "Dryer Ball Club".

Reduces static and drying time! Naturally softens fabric! Lasts for 1,000 laundry loads! Does your taxes! (Wait, scratch that last one.) Produced locally from 100% New Zealand wool, these dryer balls are an all-natural, non-toxic alternative to traditional rubber and plastic dryer balls. They have no bleach, no dyes, and no phosphates!

  • Scent with fragance drops per wool ball (suggested 4 - 6 drops)
  • Place in dryer with wet clothes (2 for small load, 3 for large)
  • Run machine and be amazed at how fast they dry and how wonderful they smell!

  • In the event of pilling, place individually a thin sock and run through a hot wash cycle with detergent
  • Remove from sock and dry in dryer (alone) on high-heat setting.
  • Good as new!
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