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Earrings - Vintage Bead Originals - Clovers

Earrings - Vintage Bead Originals - Clovers

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This type of work is called "composition jewelry." What does that mean? The artist creates one-of-a-kind compositions from a collection of vintage, antique, handmade, mixed-metal, and natural stone beads. The artist's eye for composition is the primary focus of her work.

This collection is a customer favorite. So much so that when new originals arrive they rush in to get first pick! You will fall in love with these unique, one-of-kind earrings. There are no two pair alike.

Her studio houses one of the largest, most diverse, and extensive collection of beads we have ever seen. She has a passion for sourcing, searching, and selecting beads. Her passion is reflected in each piece of finished jewelry. We believe she is one of the finest composition jewelry artists in the world!

A Kansas City native, this artist now creates her work in her Atlanta, GA, studio.

  • 2" dangle earrings
  • 3-tier vintage beads
  • Handmade originals
  • "Composition" piece of reclaimed vintage work
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