Earrings - Encased Turquoise - Glass & Goldfill Long Wire (Video)

Earrings - Encased Turquoise - Glass & Goldfill Long Wire (Video)

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Handmade in Kansas City by an incredible glass bead artist. Each glass bead is handmade in our artist's home studio. She then combines her original beads with 10kt goldfill over sterling silver, creating truly one-of-a-kind earrings.

The torch work technique used to create our collection of handmade glass in extraordinary. We believe this is some of the finest turned glass work you can find. The artist's attention to detail and finish quality is remarkable.

Our glass bead collection is breathtaking. Our glass artist creates her work in her home studio in the heart of Kansas City. Her work is accomplished and shows advanced technique and finish work. Learning how to control liquid glass is one thing; learning how to make liquid glass layer, reflect, and look like something is another; and learning how to make liquid glass look like something consistently is another world altogether.

Each piece of jewelry from this collection is a reminder that the purpose of art is to bring truth and beauty into our everyday lives. The fact that you can wear this art is just a bonus!

  • Many colors available
  • Handmade glass beads
  • 10kt goldfill ear wire
  • Handmade by a local Kansas City artist
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