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Fragrance Oil - Lauren's Lavender Garden - 2oz

Fragrance Oil - Lauren's Lavender Garden - 2oz

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Our Kansas City, small batch, handmade home scent products offer the highest quality ingredients at a reasonable price. Your home will smell amazing. Made with 100% all natural ingredients. Featuring luxurious, high quality pure fragrance oils to create mood and offer an outstanding scent experience.

Lauren's Lavender Garden: Close your eyes and envision miles of purple fields. Rich and enticing. Calm & Ease. A true authentic french lavender.

This is a VERY CONCENTRATED OIL. It is intended for aromatherapy diffusers, wax melts, light bulb oil rings, etc. It should NOT be used directly on your skin and/or fabrics. (It will easily damage or stain items.)

  • 2 oz fragrance oil in glass
  • Includes eyedropper
  • High quality pure fragrance oils

Great to purchase with our Ultrasonic Diffuser for a full room scent like no other!
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