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Necklace - "Strong Girl" Charms - Sterling

Necklace - "Strong Girl" Charms - Sterling

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"Strong Girl" charm necklace. This necklace features 5 handmade charms that celebrate girls. Strong girls...may we celebrate them, may we be them, and may we raise them. This is a piece that will become a favorite very quickly.

This handmade necklace looks great as a stand-alone piece or mixed with other necklaces. These pieces are handmade in Colorado by a silversmith. Her work is detailed and tends to be delicate and elegant in size, but made from rugged materials. A lovely combination that speaks to her artistic vision.

    Sterling silver.
    Handmade by an artist in Colorado, USA.
    32" long snake chain in patina (darkened) silver.
    5 handmade sterling charms.
    See photos for size details.

Charms are two-sided and feature the words: Girl Power, Strong Girl, Courage, Rise Up, Strength, Be Seen, Love Wins, and a Sun and Peace Symbol.
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