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Necklace - Sterling/Leather/Donkey Bead

Necklace - Sterling/Leather/Donkey Bead

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Sterling & Leather One-of-a-Kind Necklace

This artist's handiwork is characterized by leather and hand-struck sterling silver. Her work is known for being organic, natural, and has a rough-hewn look and feel. This accomplished Kansas artist creates her sterling, gold, brass, and copper pieces from scratch. That means she smelts, pours, forms, and decorates each piece of metal herself. Each piece starts with the metal in its liquid form. The process can be labor some, but it results in a pure metal that is strikingly rugged, pure, and authentic.

  • Necklace is adjustable
  • Sterling silver slider bead for closure - which allows it to be adjustable
  • Centerpiece of 1 donkey beads
  • Handmade by a regional artist
  • This is the only one

Traditionally, these beads were placed around donkeys' necks to ward away evil spirits. They are still seen as good luck charms in the modern era and are produced to this day in the holy city of Qom, Iran.

"Donkey beads" are actually faience, commonly considered the "world's oldest artificial substance." Faience is a non-clay-based ceramic of quartz and sand used as far back as Ancient Egypt, 5,500 years ago. Each bead is made by hand. The bright blue color symbolizes the colors of the Nile and was often a substitute for lapis lazuli and turquoise.

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