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Ring - Blood Red Carnelian in Sterling

Ring - Blood Red Carnelian in Sterling

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These elegantly simple settings feature authentic, semi-precious, hand cut stones.
  • Semi-precious blood red faceted carnelian featured in sterling silver
  • Handmade in North Carolina
  • Comes in several standard sizes
  • Elegant and simple

Want to know more about Carnelian? Read on...

Carnelian belongs to the Chalcedony minerals and usually occurs in gorgeous shades that range from pale or intense orange to red or brownish-red color. According to many crystal therapists, Carnelian has powerful healing properties and it's favored by many celebrities.

Archaeological and historical pieces of evidence reveal that Carnelian was one of the most favored gemstones of the ancient Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, and Persians. It was associated with royalty and was commonly used as seals, jewelry, and amulets in ancient kingdoms.

The stone attracts success in all areas of your life, helping to achieve abundance, prosperity. It will encourage you to reach your goals with confidence. So, if you want more success in your finances or business, Carnelian is your go-to mineral! It is also a protective stone because it can ward off injuries and accidents.
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