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Ring - Blackened Steel with 10kt Gold

Ring - Blackened Steel with 10kt Gold

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This husband and wife team in North Carolina use traditional metalsmithing techniques to create a line of artisan crafted jewelry that is unique and easy to wear. Their work combines industrial and organic aesthetics with a focus on minimalist styles that are designed to be mixed matched and layered for a personalized look.

These organic wrap rings are reminiscent of vines. Fabricated from forged steel wire that has been brazed together with brass and accented with small beads of recycled 10kt gold. Rings are around 12mm across at their widest point. The steel has been sealed with a clear coat to resist rust and protected the blackened color.

It is fine to wear steel jewelry while washing hands, doing dishes, or in the rain... but it is not recommended to wear in the pool, hot tub, ocean or other activities that will expose the metal to water for an extended period of time.

Made in United States
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