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Sculpture - "Small Pond w/ Boat"

Sculpture - "Small Pond w/ Boat"

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"Ponds" by Kansas City Artist.

The center of these sculpture feature glass "ponds" that appear to be liquid. The texture of the surrounding "land" is "alive" with movement and texture.

Many of the pieces in this larger collection of handmade pottery pieces have several levels of meaning. They are intriguing to explore and steeped in archetypal and personal symbolism. Figures, houses, boats, etc... all vessels that can contain things we hold dear.

This Kansas City artist uses figure as a three-dimensional canvas. The eye will travel completely around the surface. Each piece tells a unique, personal story.

This artist begins on the potter’s wheel or with slabs of clay. The pieces grow as she builds them. Once the core of the piece is built, she will carve the surface and add texture. Then the base color glaze is applied and the piece is kiln fired. Once the first firing is complete, the artist continues to add and wipe off a combination of terra sigilattas, slips, stains and glazes, then fire again, repeating this process until the artist achieves the desired effect. Each piece takes dedication and patience.

These pieces are truly special pieces of art to own, gift, and cherish.

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