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Bracelet - Sterling with Quotes - Twisted Cuff

Bracelet - Sterling with Quotes - Twisted Cuff

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These solid sterling cuffs are talismans for daily life. Each features a quote or a collection of words to inspire, remind, encourage, and/or focus us. These pieces become beloved by the wearer. They can been worn alone or stacked with other bracelets. They have a substantial, solid feel and are made from pure sterling. Each piece has the artist's mark and is one-of-a-kind.

This artist's handiwork is characterized by hand-struck sterling silver. Her work is known for being organic and natural, and it has a rough-hewn look and feel. This accomplished Kansas artist creates her sterling, gold, brass, and copper pieces from scratch. That means she smelts, pours, forms, and decorates each piece of metal herself. Each piece starts with the metal in its liquid form. The process can be laborsome, but it results in a pure metal that is strikingly rugged, pure, and authentic.

These bracelets are special, since the quotes rotate around your wrist. No matter where you're reading it from, you can read something! Each one is unique. Please find the piece you'd like from the following list.

Each of these pieces is unique. Please find the piece you'd like from the following list. Sizing pictures are available in the photo gallery.

  • Variant 1
    • Line 1: "forever is composed of nows"
    • Line 2: "Emily Dickinson"
    • Line 3:"what day is it?  it's today. my favorite day, said pooh"
    • Line 4: "AA Milne"
    • Size: "medium"
  • Variant 2
    • Line 1: "laugh big love big live big"
    • Line 2: "live love laugh"
    • Line 3: "live big love laugh big"
    • Line 4: "laugh love live big"
    • Size: "medium"
  • Variant 3
    • Line 1: "play play play"
    • Line 2: "mentor teach learn grow nurture"
    • Line 3: "dance sing wonder"
    • Line 4: "teach mentor learn grow"
    • Size: "medium"

If the size or quote you're looking for is no longer available, don't worry! New bracelets come in all the time, so check back frequently!

  • Solid sterling silver
  • Hand-shaped, hand-struck by a regional artist
  • Hand-lettered uplifting quotes and "reminder words"
  • Cuffs are mildly adjustable

All of these pieces feature unique strikemarks. You can also find the artist's mark and the "925" sterling silver guarantee stamp on each.
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