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Sticker - "I Can And I Will. Watch Me."

Sticker - "I Can And I Will. Watch Me."

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Yep...we made a sticker for just what you are thinking. Ever feel like the world and others are constantly projecting their uninvited opinions on you? We do! This sticker gives us a chance to "say" what we are often thinking. What a great reminder to ourselves, too... to practice healthy boundaries and expectations.

"I CAN AND I WILL. WATCH ME." #thestuffsisters

Buy one. Buy ten! Slap them everywhere! Give them to friends and family.

These stickers are exclusive to A STORE NAMED STUFF. Dishwasher-safe, outdoors-safe, and water resistant, they were made to take a beating. Snag a snazzy bumper sticker and start plastering them all over your life.

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