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Vase - Glass Original - Itsy Bitsy

Vase - Glass Original - Itsy Bitsy

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Itsy Bitsy Glass Vases...and we mean itsy bitsy!

These vases are handmade from glass by a Kansas City artist. Each is a captivating one-of-a-kind piece. All pieces are unique and turned over her in-studio torch. They are composed of solid glass formed into blocks, dots, stripes, and other geometric patterns.

The torch work technique used to create our collection of handmade glass in extraordinary. We believe this is some of the finest turned glass work you can find. The artist's attention to detail and finish quality is remarkable.

This collection is breathtaking. Our glass artist creates her work in her home studio in the heart of Kansas City. Her work is accomplished and shows advanced technique and finish work. Learning how to control liquid glass is one thing; learning how to make liquid glass layer, reflect, and look like something is another; and learning how to make liquid glass look like something consistently is another world altogether.

  • "Itsy Bitsy"
  • Approximately 0.5" wide x 1" tall. EACH!
  • Perfect for teeny tiny floral arrangements
  • The bases are approximately nickel-sized
  • Photo gallery shows the full breadth of the vase spectrum


How to Pick and Buy!

  1. Add to your cart how many vases you want to buy.
  2. Go to your cart and find the "ADD A NOTE TO YOUR CART" button (bottom left). Click on it and leave us a note about your color/design/pattern wishes. We will do our best to match your request. IF we don't have one that you describe we will email you with your current choices.
  3. Check out :)

Each piece is unique, there are too many to list online. But we will do our best to find the best, personalized fit for you!

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